We do not sell licenses or equipment. We do not have a large team of programmers. But in the niche of information security, privacy and enhancing efficiency and enabling new business by means of digital technology, we really excel as architects and consultants.

Note: check out our News section to get some examples of our recent achievements.

On information security:

  • we design security architectures
  • we help you with Identity and Access Management policies
  • we audit your architectures
  • we design your secure connections (internal, B2B, ...)
  • we perform risk assessments
  • we draw your security roadmap
  • we analyse your vendor offers
  • we set-up your Single Sign-On and integrate that with external Authentication Services
  • etc

On enhancing efficiency and enabling new business:

  • we design an agile architecture for your (mobile) business
  • we design the technical and functional 'contracts' when integrating applications
  • we assess the needs for new frameworks (such as orchestration, BPM, SOA, ...)
  • we help you choose the right vendors, cloud providers, ...
  • we help you introducing new technology such as digital signatures
  • etc

On privacy:

  • we provide you with a data security officer (veiligheidsconsulent)
  • we help you complying with the ISO-guidelines
  • we write your internal and external privacy policies
  • we advise you on how to cope with (current and future) privacy laws
  • we design architectures that allow targeted marketing yet respecting privacy
  • etc