Apogado's eGovConnector allows seamless integration with authentic sources from various governments. In Belgium, we currently integrate with the national register (Rijksregister), VKBO (company information), and CRAB (geo-information). 

Various cities are already using the Apogado eGovConnector to couple their internal applications with these authentic sources. Our eGovConnector takes care of the security, administration, data formats, etc - and finally translates to and from the OSLO-standard.

The citizen's platform mijn.gent.be is based on an authentication architecture propose by Apogado. The main challenge was to efficiently integrate social network based authentication (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook) with 'traditional' authentication platforms.

With a target audience of local governments, we are launching a series of free webinars on the topics of information securitysecurity policy, how to avoid vendor lock-in, how to integrate authentic sources, etc. Please contact us for more info.