Cybersecurity improvement programs

Do your employees recognise hacking attempts? How difficult is it to access your IT systems? Do you want to prepare your company for ISO information security certification? With a cybersecurity programme, you strengthen your SME’s resilience. Avoid becoming a hacking victim and take Apogado under your wing today!

Then VLAIO’s Cybersecurity improvement programmes are the solution of choice.

More and more companies are becoming victims of cyber attacks. Cyber attacks cause financial damage as well as long-term reputational damage to companies, and they dent trust with customers and suppliers. Investing in cyber security is therefore extremely important in an economy and society that is digitising at lightning speed. Moreover, SMEs and tailor-made companies can count on support from the Flemish Government. The VLAIO grant intervenes for 50% of the cost price of the course. Reasons enough to take action.

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Our offer:

1. START package (€5,000 after grant)

This entry-level package focuses on the creation of an action plan, following a “quick scan” based on up to 3 interviews. It does not include implementation support. If such support is still desirable, an upgrade to MEDIUM or PLUS is possible.

The START package consists of

  • A kick-off meeting to sharpen expectations and working method
  • Analysis
  • Cybersecurity “quick scan” based on max. 3 interviews
  • GAP analysis vs. relevant ISO framework, where applicable incl.
  • technical analyses
  • Overview of vulnerabilities and risks
  • A multi-year plan with improvement actions
  • A concluding evaluation meeting

2. Package MEDIUM (€11,000 after grant)

This package includes a broader screening as well as a broader GAP analysis. It also includes guidance on the implementation of priority improvement actions, as offered in a “menu”. This makes it extremely suitable for companies that want to get started quickly.

This package provides

  • A kick-off consultation
  • Analysis
  • Cybersecurity screening based on up to 5 interviews
  • Broader GAP analysis, where applicable incl. technical analyses
  • Overview of risks
  • A multi-year action plan, incl. estimation of costs and allocation of responsibilities
  • 11 man-days of implementation support
  • An evaluation meeting

3. Package PLUS (€17,500 after subsidy)

With full vetting – technical analyses and analysis of procedures always included plus comprehensive guidance on implementation, this is the most complete package in our offer. This formula includes

  • A kick-off meeting
  • Analysis
  • Cybersecurity vetting based on up to 5 interviews
  • Comprehensive GAP analysis, incl. technical analyses
  • Overview of risks
  • Analysis of relevant policy documents
  • Multi-year action plan, incl. estimation of costs and allocation of responsibilities
  • 19 man-days of implementation support
  • An evaluation meeting

For MEDIUM and PLUS processes, Apogado offers two possible extension packages. The expansion package GO offers 8 extra man-days of advice and support in implementing the recommendations, to be chosen from a “menu” by mutual agreement. The PRO extension package provides your company with 17 additional man-days of support. With an extension package, your SME or NPO can continue the implementation of improvement actions. This gives you as a business leader more comfort about your organisation’s cyber resilience.
(GO: €4,000 after subsidy)
(PRO: €8,500 after subsidy)

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Increasing cyber security in companies is the goal of the Flemish government. That is why VLAIO has selected service providers to advise and guide SMEs in this, each with their own approach and expertise. Apogado is one of them. The offer of service providers within the cybersecurity improvement paths can be found at: .

This action is part of the Flemish cybersecurity policy plan. More info on VLAIO's cybersecurity offerings and the partners in the VLAIO network can be found at: