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Privacy & GDPR

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In the spotlight: Cybersecurity improvement projects

Do you want to better secure your business against a cyber attack, increase your company’s cybersecurity maturity and improve your image to your customers? Good news, Apogado is now an official VLAIO cybersecurity service provider which means our services are 50% subsidised! Read here how Apogado can help your SME!

Privacy & GDPR

Worldwide the GDPR is one of the largest expansions in privacy legislation. It protects every person that sets foot in Europe. Are you having trouble navigating the laundry list of new obligations? Here at Apogado we have all the answers.

How do we do this? We apply self-developed frameworks, created from years of experience and expertise. Our standard approach consists of 3 phases:

  • Audit – A short evaluation of your current situation which leads to a concrete roadmap.
  • Implementation – Drafting and rolling out all the necessary measures, documents, procedures and more, to meet the GDPR requirements.
  • Governance – systematic evaluation of the recorded measures and a follow-up of the daily privacy-aspects.

Throughout these phases we always take care to respect the balance between the judicial, business and IT aspects. Big or small, public or private, our consultants have experience in all these domains and strive to meet all the strict demands of privacy law, help prevent high fines and create added value for your business!

Information Security

In this digital world it is increasingly important to safeguard the security of your data. For your clients it is crucial they can trust you with their data.

How can we help you? We supply your organization with the necessary guidance for a complete approach in information security. Based on widely recognized standards such as the ISO270001/2 and qualitative research methods we will work out where your organization houses the most risk. Our security experts draft a functional roadmap to handle all the risks and follow-up in the problem areas. Together we will craft your entire information security policy from a(ccess controls) to z(ero-day).

Have you already implemented measures and want to take it to the next level? We will increase the maturity of your ISMS (Information Security Management System), security policy and safety plan, using the necessary expertise and extensive knowledge of the newest security tools and concepts.

Digitale transformatie

Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation consultants will provide you with a state-of-the-art solution, in line with your budget, requirements and specific situation. We make use of the current standards and modern technical solutions to make sure the project is drawn up with respect to privacy and security. This field is always innovating, so we take care to orient our IT architectures to the future! For an efficient execution of the project we lean on frameworks such as COBIT and ITIl.

We can offer various formulas to help you on your way. Our Enterprise and Solution Architects are always ready to help!


We provide guidance in digitalization projects and eGovernment to a large group of organizations, including cities and municipalities. Our neutrality and industry know-how are key in this area. From our experience working at all levels of the public sector, we are confident in our ability to optimize your current methodologies and IT-systems.


GDPR Quick-Scan

During this quick-scan we evaluate the state-of-affairs of your handling of the GDPR. You will obtain an aerial view of what you are missing or what can be improved. We will draft a roadmap so you can be GDPR-compliant as soon as possible. Would you like to audit your processor? That is certainly possible too!

ISO 27001 Quick-Scan

In this audit we will review your information security. Based on the impact and likeliness of the identified risks, we will indicate the different areas that need attention and prioritize the required actions. Our report offers a clear roadmap to deploy your ISMS.

GDPR Implementation

We make sure that all the necessary measures are set up and implemented. This involves drafting policy documents, procedures, legal papers, adding to employee awareness and more. We clearly communicate which deliverables you can expect at which price.

ISO 27001 Implementation

Our security experts will assist you in implementing all the necessary measures to protect your organization in all areas of information security. In doing so, we offer pragmatic solutions. Our templates, proven procedures and extensive experience ensure that this process runs optimally and with clear results.


Would you rather use your own in-house DPO? Or would you like the assurance that there is a data protection expert ready for you during an incident? Then you can use our DPO-coaching service based on a ticketing system. When complex situations arise, or you are confronted with legal issues, we can jump in and provide advice at a moment’s notice. Have a look at our options here!

Enterprise Architect

Our Enterprise Architects can advise you to translate your digital needs to concrete and practical actions. Apogado can complement your IT-team to offer them guidance, or if you still require an IT-team, we can call on one of the many partners we collaborate with.


We officially take on the role of DPO. You will have a team of experienced consultants to which you can defer these tasks. We offer various formulas so that our offer is perfectly balanced to the needs of your organization! Find out more here.

Solution Architect

Do you have a specific problem for which you do not require a complete IT architecture? Our solution architects are ready to help you define and roll out the appropriate IT solution.


Why Apogado?

Years of experience

The founders of Apogado have been active in this sector for more than 25 years. Together with the rest of the specialized consultants, there is no shortage of experience!

Multidisciplinary Team

The team consists of people with different skills. We have legal researchers, programmers, and engineers, all to guarantee a broad work approach.


Our choice of products is not bound to set suppliers. We will always choose the best solution for your needs.

Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to say that we always close our projects with satisfied customers. Our no-nonsense approach, clear communication and practical work methods are always appreciated!

More about us

Apogado is an independent information technology company that aims for sustainable future-oriented integrations.

We offer advice on sustainable architecture and enterprise-architecture. We strive to help organizations and governments become more efficient and help them tackle new business or social needs by advising them on aspects like integration, e-government, safety and privacy.

We have our own eGovConnector-product and framework, through which organizations and companies can seamlessly integrate with other governments (authentic sources).

In tandem with this we offer help with all aspects of the GDPR. We accomplish this by using our self-developed tools and processes combined with a broad knowledge of both the legal and technical aspects related to the GDPR.