What do our customers say about Apogado?

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Digital Platform for Attorneys Bruno Segers - CEO

Our organisation is at the service of the legal profession and the Belgian judiciary. GDPR compliance and the security of our operations are therefore of the utmost importance. Apogado has assisted us thoroughly in this matter through their compliance roadmap and follow-up.

Flemish Institute for Technological Research Dirk Fransaer - CEO

Safeguarding privacy and information security is crucial for VITO. After all, we often work with confidential and personal data, and are exposed to numerous information security risks. Moreover, we consider the correct application of legislation and regulations on data management to be very important and an integral part of our scientific research projects. Apogado's specialists have been guiding us through this technically and legally complex landscape for years.

Stad Menen Eric Algoet - Managing Director

Our city can count on the knowledge and experience of Apogado for our information security and privacy practices for more than 5 years. We are guided in a professional and cost efficient way to minimize our risks.

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