Apogado provides evening engineers & privacy – ie-net.

In collaboration with the ie-net engineering association (KVIV), Apogado will give an evening caussion in two parts (November 22 and December 6) on engineers and privacy.

Every engineer has to deal with personal data and sensitive data. The engineer-researcher often works with (from various sources) sensitive data. The IT engineer designs apps or systems that must comply with legislation. The engineer-manager is often (jointly) responsible for compliance. And the engineer-entrepreneur gets the whole plate.

What are the general principles of privacy? What is covered by this privacy legislation? How should I deal with such data? What do my apps do with my data? Which techniques can I use to protect my data and to regulate myself? What about data in the cloud? Are there certain frameworks that can help me? Is the notorious GDPR legislation not a storm in a glass of water?

These causeries, given by Koert Van Espen of Apogado, provide answers to these and many other questions.